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Chicken with Leeks

Ingredients - Serves 4

4 pieces of chicken breast on the bone, with skin

2 large leeks 

6 cups of chicken stock

2 tablespoons of dried tarragon


1. Cut roots and and tough green ends from the leeks.

2. Split the leeks lengthwise and clean.

3. Slice the leeks crosswise into pieces about 1/4” wide.

4. Season the chicken with salt and pepper.

5. Brown chicken, in a tall sided frying pan. Set aside once browned.

6. Sauté the leeks until just soft, add olive oil if additional oil is needed.

7. Add 4 cups of chicken broth and 2 tablespoons of tarragon, cover and bring to the boil.

8. Once the broth is boiling return the chicken, add the remaining chicken broth and simmer for approximately 25 minutes, or until done.

9. Serve with rice and baby carrots